3 thoughts on “Fine Gael Senator calls for Republic of Ireland to re-enter the Commonwealth”

  1. Perhaps now, following this referendum, we won’t be hearing any more guff about joining the British Commonwealth being because the British are enthusiastic about international cooperation.

    The fact is that they are only interested in being members of clubs where they are primus inter pares. Participating in a neo-feudal “old boys club” is very definitely not the way for Ireland to pursue international relations.


  2. Well Irish people, particularly young people, go to Commonwealth countries to work like Canada, Australia and of course Britain They feel more at home there than in the EU. But here is an old American view on the Commonwealth. What is the point in joining an organisation that is toothless and almost ‘played out’? However it is not run by the Brits any more. That changed over 50 years ago and the heads of the Commonwealth included anti-colonialists like Nyere of Tanzania and many others including India.

    Dean Acheson said about it a long time ago in Geoffrey Wheatcroft’s article.

    Dean Acheson, a former secretary of state, delivered the famous speech in which he said, almost as an aside, that “Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role”. He continued, “The attempt to play a separate power role – that is, a role apart from Europe, a role based on a ‘special relationship’ with the United States, a role based on being head of a ‘Commonwealth’ which has no political structure, or unity, or strength – this role is about played out.”

    Whither Ireland/Eire now?


  3. It ceased to be the BRITISH Commonwealth just after Ireland/Eire left it when India stayed in as a republic with a rich history and as a much more powerful country. Nehru, like Trudeau of Canada, saw many benefits of membership of an anti colonial organisation. People are now debating a united Ireland. I see little prospect of this as Ireland will not even take the minor step of re-entering a pretty toothless organisation as a gesture Unity would mean much bigger gestures than this but I doubt it will happen. Gilmore is off on this track heaven knows why. Does he not realise the ROI cannot afford it and majority of people in NI do not want unity? including the now vibrant Catholic class. Gilmore should retire to New Zealand and grow kiwis!


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